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Repetition Is Holy

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Apr 24 '14

It’s a camel in ATLANTA! Camels don’t live here! Emory is not a zoo! (contrary to what I sometimes think.) No! No camel!

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Apr 24 '14

a sincere question

what kind of absurd idea… I mean why even was there a camel in the middle of the Emory campus today?

(and it wasn’t even a wednesday! I excuse a lot of shit on wednesdays because of some bizarre weekly ritual known as “wonderful wednesdays”)

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Apr 24 '14

my fancy aunt and uncle sent Tree and I fancy kitchen towels as a little engagement gift.

my aunt is a funny creature and sent the aforementioned kitchen towels priority insured mail.

one has french chocolates on it and the other has olives. french olives?

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Apr 24 '14


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Apr 24 '14
Tree got me jelly sandals for Christmas and now it is finally warm enough to wear them!!!

Tree got me jelly sandals for Christmas and now it is finally warm enough to wear them!!!

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Apr 24 '14

Birds Illustrated on Vintage Envelopes by Mark Powell


Birds Illustrated on Vintage Envelopes by Mark Powell

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Apr 24 '14

now that I have one day of class left (this coming Monday), it’s really time to start assessing what is left to get done and start finishing things. because on top of doing all my finals I need to also write a conference paper (which admittedly isn’t that long, but still needs to be researched and written…)


  • add final components to WGS 100 syllabus
  • write deviant sex practices paper (~2500 words) for queer theory
  • choose an idea to trace in my fem theory readings
  • write super short fem theory paper
  • skim a shit ton of books for my psychiatric hospitals and liminality paper for disability studies
  • prep oral presentation for disability studies
  • write a relatively lengthy disability studies paper (but it’s drawing some of the theoretical foundations from a Foucault paper from last semester)

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Apr 24 '14

today my department is having a memorial picnic in honor of our amazing administrator who died of breast cancer last spring. I was home on leave when I got the news - it came as a shock to the whole student contingent. I am really appreciative that we are making this space for remembering and that I get to share in it, even if I only knew this woman briefly. she was the most beautiful, warm spirit - she lit up the whole department. and she knew how everything worked and took care of us.

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Apr 24 '14


no this is wrong. I should be on this list because I am #1 bird :P

omg oversight. so sorry!

you may also wish to consult this tumblr of important birds in revising your list. many bird. very cute. small friends.

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Apr 23 '14

unbelievable things about working with undergrads: I have a student who skipped class on one of her mandatory presentation days in order to go to an extra credit workshop for another class. she then tried to pass this off as an excused absence.

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