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Repetition Is Holy

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Oct 20 '14

Jessie J - just one more reason to be watching X Factor UK

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Oct 19 '14
We, as those who proclaim, are asked to listen to the Bible that, in some sense, makes us who we, as Christians are, for this book speaks to our souls, and our souls are made in the images of this book. It stands over against us, outdated, unclear, even faulted with violence invoked against women, yet we are called to listen, for in this book materials for visions are found. Creation with magnificent grandeur, exodus into freedom, singing while in exile, bones dancing, treasures found, sons and daughters speaking, tongues of flame, the city where there is neither tear nor temple: all here is freed for their desires and dreams. The Bible, in the activity of proclamation, refigures time and space in the community. For the Bible ruptures normal linearity in our very reading and hearing of it, as well as by its own words of time. Time and space in the Bible: creation, exodus, flood, exile, prophecy, resurrection, Pentecost, apocalypse. Time and space of otherness, of connectedness, of transformation, of solidarity, of set apartness - the Bible not only speaks about them, but refigures readers/proclaimers in them. The locus of proclamation, at least in this text, is figured through the time and space of God, the Scriptures and community.
— Rebecca Chopp, The Power to Speak

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Oct 18 '14
We read the Bible as usual, and then told each other how glad we were that the Lord had brought us together. She stroked my head for a long time, and then we hugged and it felt like drowning. Then I was frightened but couldn’t stop. There was something crawling in my belly. I had an octopus inside me.

And it was evening, and it was morning; another day.

After that we did everything together, and I stayed with her as often as I could. My mother seemed relieved that I was seeing less of Graham, and for a while made no mention of the amount of time I spent with Melanie.

'Do you think this is Unnatural Passion?' I asked her once.

'Doesn't feel like it. According to Pastor Finch, that's awful.' She must be right, I thought.
— Jeanette Winterson, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit (1985)

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Oct 18 '14

Romanticisation of Mental Illness, Kelsey Weaver


Romanticisation of Mental Illness, Kelsey Weaver

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Oct 17 '14



apparently aven is doing a big ol survey

i’m not saying go and give fake asshole answers, but they r hoping to compare asexual-identified people to non-asexual-identified ppl so if u feel that aven and other asexual organizations/rhetoric have a skewed idea of what non-asexual people are like, u may want to take it??

i’m taking it rn, if the survey gets hilarious i will let u kno

this seems jokey abut AVEN has their hands in legtimate things like the trevor project and are popping up in a lot of university LGBT clubs/whatever now so ~*sexuals*~ really should take this and respond seriously so they can’t use skewed data to weasel their way into more of our shit

unfortunately, due to the ambiguity and bizarre-ness of so many of their questions, all they are going to get is skewed/messed up data, as far as I can tell. like, from a research design perspective, that survey was a nightmare and half of those questions are going to yield answers that don’t consistently mean anything at all.

which of course won’t be how it gets read, but is the reality of the thing…

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Oct 17 '14
look at this baby sleeping with her paw over her eyes

look at this baby sleeping with her paw over her eyes

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Oct 17 '14

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Oct 17 '14

well, my intestines offer no explanation about why I’m iron deficient…

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Oct 17 '14

tree and I going to a wedding on Saturday and neither of my really nice dresses fit because bodies are dumb and meds are both great and terrible. I mean, I have other things to wear, but not what I wanted to wear.

in other news, t-2 hours until my procedure which means a couple hours til I can eat a thing and I am really ready for that.

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Oct 16 '14

I feel like I don’t like eating until I’m not allowed to eat. I am really ready for it to be tomorrow so I can have food. gonna start procedure prep round two shortly, so I will have some broth with that.

but in more fun things - the wii came! I am excited to play games!

we’re watching doomsday preppers and it is hilarious. we love terrible tv.

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