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Repetition Is Holy

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Apr 17 '14

romantic gestures: I love catacabra so much I am de-stemming the kale before I cook dinner.

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Apr 17 '14

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Apr 17 '14

In honoring the Church Year

[this came to me via L’Arche Atlanta]

Holy Thursday: This I Understand

by Sarah Ruszkowski

Names of the core people are shortened to initials in this story to protect their privacy.  

Holy Thursday has always been my favorite day of the liturgical year.  I love the music. I love the act of foot washing.  I love the story of the last supper.  I love that my family - the four in the front right, five pews from the front - always had some part in it.  

I loved that this was a part of the faith that I really thought I understood. 

Do this.  Wash each other’s feet.  

And then I moved into L’Arche.  And it made even more sense to me.  We literally wash each other’s feet.  That is a part of my job.  

Footwashing is also a significant part of L’Arche’s spiritual life.  About once a year, we have a footwashing liturgy where we love, affirm, and pray over each other, washing each other’s feet.  

This past summer at our footwashing liturgy, D. was sitting next to our housemate W., with whom she has lived for about ten years.  W. speaks Spanish and uses a wheelchair, and needs the most physical assistance of the core people in our home.  

Just to paint a picture for you, W. demands that he never leave the house without a hat and a shirt with at least two pockets, in order to store the pens that don’t fit in the bag of pens he carries around with him.  He will always ask new people the same two questions:  “How many siblings do you have?” and, “Do you speak Spanish?”  

As opposed to words, he will most often “purr” - a noise specific to W. that we have come to understand as his way of communicating contentment.  W.’s room, where he listens to classical music and plays with his wooden blocks for hours, is the most peaceful place in our home.   

We put the basin on W.’s lap and helped D. to get her feet up there.  And W., a friend who we help through every step of care throughout the day, washed and dried D.’s feet.  

It was a little clumsy, his hands are not the most agile.  But it was so tender. And then D., whose hands shake a lot of the time but is one of the most faith-filled women that I know, leaned over and held his hands and prayed with him, asking God for W.’s health and happiness. 

This I understand.

Sarah Ruszkowski is the home-life leader at Ontario House in D.C.

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Apr 17 '14


Roland Topor
Les Masochistes

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Apr 17 '14


bird and i were talking about those bertie bott beans that jelly belly makes, reminiscing about the awful flavors

"horseradish was rough"

"yeah the vomit one made me gag"

"pepper was difficult but edible"

"grass was whatever"

like, why did we subject ourselves to that as children…

my 13 year old sister was having some confusion about these and seemed to think that the gross flavors came in just regular jelly belly packages. she really wants to try the gross ones.

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Apr 17 '14

my neurologist this morning was such a character and just really fun and nice. like, of all the doctors I have seen, she was probably the funniest and she talked to Tree and I about Atlanta to the point where she would sometimes get distracted and have to repeat something with me. now I’ve got to schedule a head and c-spine MRI, but that’s a whole other thing.

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Apr 15 '14

(Source: darkerskies)

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Apr 14 '14


guys I really love goats and it’s been this way for like… years, when do I get to have a little purple house with a pair of goats in the yard? and cats? babies? a dog if bird will let me (a small quiet one)?

yes please little purple house, and goats. and babies and cats. we’ll think about a dog….

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Apr 14 '14

back to school today. I am still exhausted and recovering from whatever the hell was wrong with me, but it’s a start. I can get through this day. quietly, drinking lots of water, listening, not pushing too hard.

the end of this semester is a trial, but it is a trial I can face and negotiate and it will be okay.

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Apr 12 '14

I liked Aviicii’s “Wake Me Up” a lot better before it was played at wall shaking levels from the apartment upstairs.

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